Business Integration Server Gateway

This whitepaper provides a technical overview of SEEBURGER’s Business Integration Server (BIS 6), which offers superior technical features and offers a comprehensive range of applications for SMBs to enterprise-sized organizations.

Contents include:

  • A description of Business process phases supported by BIS 6, ranging from process development to process analysis
  • SEEBURGER’s portal applications -  enable involvement of employees into automated processes (Human-to-System and System-to-Human Interaction)
  • SEEBURGER’s DMZ (demilitarized zone) security solution called BIS Secure Proxy
  • The BIS 6 service-oriented system architecture including a short overview of its product features
  • Technical implementation details, background on SEEBURGER’s services and optional modules

The intended audience is IT executive managers and technical staff who have already been involved in business integration processes and are now looking to realize a more efficient process execution solution.

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