Nordea Improves Cash Management with SEEBURGER

Innovating to put customers first – stronger integration resulted in bottom line savings and increased value for Nordea and its customers.
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Modernize and Consolidate your Integration Architecture with SEEBURGER

Achieve Modernization Using Simplified Migration Best Practices.

Electrify your Bank’s Payment Processing Architecture

Empower your Bank.
Deliver innovation for your customers.
Gain more visibilty over your cash flow with payment processing integration.

SEEBURGER Solutions for Financial Services Industry

Whether you seek better knowledge of your customers to simplify product offerings or want to enable better deployment of your services, the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite can facilitate your ideas.


Optimize and Simplify

Overcome disconnect due to information silos and open more channels. Simplify infrastructure to make faster connections. Give staff the information and access they need to make customers happy.
Build a reputation for customer-friendliness. With SEEBURGER, you can simplify and gain cross-enterprise perspective.

Whether you seek better knowledge of your customers to simplify product offerings or want to enable better deployment of your services, the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite can facilitate your ideas.


Consolidation & Migration with Migration Tools

Ensure your migration goes smoothly with our Data Migration Suite – providing you the tools and confidence to migrate from your legacy platform.

A Single Business Integration Platform Tailored for Financial Services Achieve Modernization Using Simplified Migration Best Practices

Payment Processing & Cash Management

Take advantage of information that arrives with payments, giving business users real-time access to incoming and outgoing payments to better manage your cash on a global basis.

Business-to-Bank Integration Enables Payment Processing & Better Cash Management

B2B Integration Efficiency

Inefficient exchange between businesses generates duplicated costs, generates risk and puts business relationships at risk. Learn about our unmatched B2B Integration Expertise.

Gain agility with our tools and cloud services for faster trading partner onboarding

Security for Compliance

Fines from industry regulators show the reputational and financial risks of an unsecured system. Guard your data and prove its safety with audit trails and reporting.

Don’t be another News headline: Increase Security & Minimize your Risk Exposure.
Learn more about our secure Filetransfer BIS MFT Solution

Gain Agility

From self-service onboarding, global payment services, monitoring and SEPA testing – SEEBURGER products and solutions are designed to enable you to utilize your business intelligence by connecting siloed systems to provide you with a better understanding of your customers, products and sources of revenue.


Connect Business Partners Faster with Self-Service Onboarding

Automate, reduce reliance on IT and give self-testing value to customers. Advance your B2B Gateways & Speed Customer Onboarding with Self-Service

Community Management Application
Efficient Customer Onboarding Shortens Time-to-Revenue

Connect Internal Systems (API/EAI)

Get your systems talking to each other, have files automatically ready for processes between programs, databases and more.

Connecting information in a backend system between databases or programs, also known as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) enables financial institutions to integrate applications, designed to work independently, to work with one another to accomplish business objectives.

Customizable Secure File Transfer

Move data securely in backend systems or from your email program.

Customizable Secure File Transfer / Managed File Transfer (MFT)
Agile Communications and Connectivity Provide an Edge

Innovate & Digitialize

Increased requirements to connect everything and provide value-adding services for customers are challenges BIS and integrated business process management can solve.


Offer customers more services & channels

Looking to provide a continuous user experience across retail and merchants channels, or looking to provide mobile services or SEPA connection testing, innovate your bank and attract new customers with tangible service value.

API Integration and API Management

Business Intelligence for an Improved Customer Offering

Develop a sophisticated understanding of your customers by bringing together disparate data sets.

Gain new insights with BIS Information Management
Business Integration Suite

More than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide rely on SEEBURGER solutions